Leading Edge Data Storage Solutions cut your costs by upwards of 70%!

Many large customers are asking us to solve a very hard and growing problem......

Data is growing exponentially and the cost to store data is a huge budget issue. In a quest to solve our customers growing problem we have partnered with a Large enterprise storage company. We are cutting storage cost by 70%. The CEO at Sprint is saying the new Storage solution has driven out complexity and saved them $100 million over the past 2 years.

  • The solution scales at multi-petabyte and is faster then flash.
  • They provide 99.99999 of available uptime which is less then 3 seconds per year of downtime.
  • Storage does not have to be hard and our leading edge storage platform is easy to manage.
  • Our partners products are designed for many environments including, Cloud, Hadoop, Mainframe, Splunk, VMWare, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery.